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10 Amaryllis Dynamite Bulbs Red Christmas type flower Fast Force 18 cm cir.

10 Amaryllis Dynamite Bulbs Red Christmas type flower Fast Force 18 cm cir.

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A strong grower with large dark red flowers

The name was at one time named superstar. According to Hadeco had to switch names because a Dutch hybrid had already been registered under that name.

Bulbs are officially 18-20 cm around (not across). This was the approximate size at harvest time, but normally the bulbs shrink in storage. Normally these produce one or two stems per bulb. There is some variation with each variety, and actual size depends on the harvest each year.

To Plant Amaryllis outside:

Plant your bulbs in dappled shade (if you have lots of sun in your area). If the area you live in has dappled shade/good cloud cover for the summer then you can plant wherever you wish. The other main requirement is freely draining soil. If you water the area and water is still puddled on the surface after 15 min then you need to amend the soil, you can use sand (½ sand ½ native soil,) you can mix in ½ bark chunks/saw dust/wood shavings instead of sand if you prefer, or not plant there. Once you have the area you are planning to plant decided on/prepared then you can plant your bulbs. You can plant them as close as 3 inches apart (that will be slightly crowded) or any larger increment you like. You want to plant the bulbs so the neck is slightly above the soil and water doesn’t get into the neck of the bulb(s) and cause fungus/other diseases. Water heavily right after you plant, then give them a good soaking once a week. If the water is puddling up then stop watering. It is better to under water then over water.

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