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1 Amaryllis Belladonna MAGENTA red ~ Large Bulb bloomed 2021- not Hippeastrum

1 Amaryllis Belladonna MAGENTA red ~ Large Bulb bloomed 2021- not Hippeastrum

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At a certain point, a color becomes too outrageous to be called pink. These have crossed that line and then some. The pictures don't usually do it justice. I haven't seen many flowers with such eye-searing intensity. These were selected while in bloom during the fall of 2021. Supply is limited. Sometimes these still have a white or pink center when first opened, but the color intensifies as the flower ages. These were grown along the central California coast, so please keep in mind that growing conditions can effect flower color. They may need some shade to keep the dark flowers from roasting in the sunshine. The ideal spot would have shade on the south, so that the leaves get more sunshine during the winter than the flowers get in the fall. Afternoon shade could work well in hot climates. These are the result of a century long hybridizing process. I am continuing the work of Bill Welch, who hybridized and selected these for 40 years. He got his start from Les Hannibal, who had worked with them at least that long.

Amaryllis Belladonna are highly recommended for those with mild winters and relatively dry summers. Folks in other climates can grow them in large pots if they are willing to do the extra work of moving them seasonally. They are easily grown outside in zones 8-10 with mulch. Water occasionally whenever they are not receiving adequate rainfall. For customers in the Southeast and Midwest I recommend Lycoris rather than Amaryllis Belladonna.

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