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1 Mexican AMARYLLIS Sprekelia Bulbs~Aztec Lily Seed grown

1 Mexican AMARYLLIS Sprekelia Bulbs~Aztec Lily Seed grown

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Sprekelia Formosissima

"Mexican Amaryllis"

"Aztec Lilies"

An amaryllis relative native to rocky outcrops in the Mexican mountains (sometimes called Mexican Amaryllis or Aztec Lily). This is a rare bulb and only recently available to the general public. The Aztec Lily is one of those plants that is so spectacular and reliable that once you try it, you won’t be able to imagine gardening without it. In the north, this will perform best in a dry, well drained spot in full baking sun. In the south, some shade is best. The bulbs multiply readily to make nice clumps of narrow green leaves. These burst into flower in the spring and often reflower again in the fall. The brilliant red flowers look like an exotic amaryllis. They make long lasting cut flowers and excellent potted plants in colder zones. These have been grown outside in zones 7-10.

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