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3 Rain Lily Bulbs! Zephyranthes Drumondii Small bulbs

3 Rain Lily Bulbs! Zephyranthes Drumondii Small bulbs

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Zephyranthes Drummondii
Syn Cooperia Pedunculata
Drummond's Lily

This Texas Native is one of the first Rain lilies to bloom in the spring. The fragrant, large, nocturnal flowers blush pink with age.

Bulb size will vary somewhat depending on what we dig up, but most are about half an inch wide and more than an inch tall. A year or two from blooming. Bulbs can get HUGE. These particular bulbs were grown from seeds collected near the West Texas town of Sonora, amid cactus and chalky hills.

Plant shallowly, say one or two inches deep, the bulb will pull itself down to it's optimum depth. They can tolerate wet or dry conditions but do best in well drained soil that is watered regularly.

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